written and illustrated by Todd Mikkelson  
Eve is a REAL little girl who lives on Lake Minnetonka

The beautiful illustrations in Eve on the Lake are actual photographs put through a computer process giving them a watercolor appearance. Most of the photos were taken by the author, Eve's dad. A few of the photos were taken by Eve’s mom, and one photo in the book was actually shot by two-year-old Eve. All of the photos were taken on Lake Minnetonka.

The author is a graphic designer who conceived of Eve on the Lake one night when his daughter woke up and wanted to go out on the boat to see the buoys, something they enjoyed doing often. He told her that the buoys were sleeping and as he proceeded to tell her, one by one, all the things they see on their boat rides that were sleeping, she fell asleep. This gave him the idea for a great bedtime story.

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About the Book
The Lakota called it Great Water, “Minnetonka”. Still bearing that name, Lake Minnetonka spans 12 miles across beautiful hills just 12 miles west of Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA. It’s made up of over 300 miles of shoreline, 17 islands, and 26 bays, each the equivalent of a fairly large lake, and each connected to one, two, or three of any of the others. After boating under three or four bridges it’s easy to find yourself quite lost.

Getting himself quite lost on Lake Minnetonka has been one of Todd Mikkelson’s favorite pastimes since he was a kid. Growing up near the lake, he has spent a lot of the last twenty-five years in his dad’s small speedboat learning his way around and visiting as many of the lake’s legendary spots as he could find.

Three years ago his dream of living on the lake was realized. Now he shares the boating experience, still in the same old speedboat, with his two-year old daughter Eve. Along with her mother, Eve has come to love the experience of Lake Minnetonka as much as her father. One of her favorite experiences is touching the many buoys that mark the entrances to channels or shallow rocky areas on the lake. She loves to chirp like the birds under the many bridges where her voice echoes loudly, and see the many creatures they encounter on their boat excursions.

This incredible place is the setting for Eve On the Lake, with Eve and Lake Minnetonka being the main characters in the book. The true events of these excursions and how Eve likes to remember them as she falls asleep at night is the story.

Todd, the author of Eve On the Lake used his photography and graphic design skills to beautifully re-create Eve’s experience of a day and night living on and exploring Lake Minnetonka. Each page features an actual photograph taken on the lake, or in or around Eve’s house. Each photograph is digitally enhanced to appear as a watercolor painting. Most of the book’s photos were taken by Todd, some by Eve’s mom and one photo was actually shot by little Eve herself.

Eve on the Lake depicts an actual night when Eve woke up late and wanted to go out on the boat to see the buoys. Todd told her that the buoys were sleeping and as he proceeded to tell her, one by one, all the things they see on their boat rides that were sleeping then too, she fell asleep.
Author Profile
Todd Mikkelson is a man of many trades. He grew up around Lake Minnetonka, near Minneapolis in Minnesota. Just out of high school he became a radio DJ first in Oregon, then back in Minnesota. He quit that life to get into his true passion, music. Having put together a number of bands starting at age 14, it was time to try it full time. He’s been on the road or in the recording studio many times since.

Releasing five records of his own music and producing four others, he found himself doing the art and graphic design for most of these records’ packaging. Music scoring for film is what originally got him involved in a video production company as well. This small company, of which he was part owner, expanded into doing web design and designing marketing materials for businesses thus honing his graphic design skills further.

As part of his company’s video services, he began video recording test procedures for water infiltration on the window installations of residential buildings. He noticed that this new industry was lacking in proper test equipment, and so he set out to invent a special spray rack to be used by the testing engineers. He had it patented and put it on the market. This has led him into a new, on-going business venture. His company now offers other products, making these test procedures much easier to perform efficiently and accurately.

But his new company took him away from his artistic and creative endeavors. Longing for a project to satisfy his artistic side, he began creating the Eve On the Lake book. Although a demanding undertaking, it was enjoyable and even relaxing for him to work on --- it satisfied his desire to spend time with his daughter, now his biggest passion in life. It also meant spending time on Lake Minnetonka and developing his photos into artistic illustrations.

The year 2005 has seen the kick off of his newest business, the completion of both recording and graphic design for two full-length CDs – one of his own original music and that of Eve’s mom’s original music, playing music live with Eve’s mom for the largest audience of their lives so far (about 6000), and producing Eve On the Lake from start to finish. 

  Todd Mikkelson was interviewed on
WCCO-830 AM radio
late night with
Dark Star

on May 8th, 2006.

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